LAZ in 2012 y.
HW100 - 45000
UAW55 - 105000
RRW100 - 175000
PKRR - 7500
LAZ is a world famous brand with its own rich history. Founded in 1945, LAZ started bus production in the early 1950's, having no equal in Europe, or in the world. Innovative design ideas of Lviv engineers have become the world standard in bus manufacture.


Ambulance (LAZ-Renault Ambulance)

CityLAZ : CityLAZ-10LE / CityLAZ-12LF / CityLAZ-12LE / CityLAZ-13,5LF / CityLAZ-13,5LE / CityLAZ-18LF / CityLAZ-20LF / CityLAZ-CNG (new)

ElectroLAZ : ElectroLAZ-12 / ElectroLAZ-20

InterLAZ : InterLAZ -10LE / InterLAZ -12LE / InterLAZ-13,5LE

LAZ Medical

Lemberg : Lemberg MB / Lemberg MAN / Lemberg DL

LinerLAZ : LinerLAZ () / LinerLAZ ( )

NeoLAZ : NeoLAZ-12
NeoLAZ - conceptually new modern touring high-deck coach of enhanced comfort. This unique design of Lviv bus builders was named the Time machine by the journalists.
Thanks to peculiar shape of body and black-out double glass panes the coach has got harmonious and memorable image.
Drivers working area corresponds to up-to-date requirements. Comfortable seat, height and angle adjustable steering column, electronic accelerator, large panoramic wind screen and rearview mirrors ensure comfortable work for the driver and allow to control traffic situation fully. In case of emergency situation, antilock break system and anti-spin regulation, ABS and ASR, may be found helpful.
High running smoothness and motion stability at high speeds are provided by air suspension and brake system from WABCO in combination with hard integral body and reliable steering system.
Application of modern anticorrosive protection technologies, advanced building-up technologies for side panels and windows are instrumental for enhanced anticorrosive durability of the body and long service life of the bus.
Passenger compartment in NeoLAZ is foreseen to carry 49 passengers. Comfort level permits to cover huge distances tirelessly. Anatomic seats with adjustable seat back angle have folding armrests, folding tables and footrests. The opportunity of seats sidewise displacement to aisle is foreseen. Passenger compartment is equipped with climate control, audio-video system with LCD monitors, refrigerator, coffee machine, toilet, individual air cooling systems.
Touring NeoLAZ is well recognized within the professional environment and possesses diplomas of various international contests and nominations. The coach was named as The Best Touring Coach in the frame of Vehicle of the Year in Ukraine competition, diplomas of The Best Intercity Coach and The Best Automotive Design on auto shows in Moscow.
Traveling with NeoLAZ you will be provided with maximum comfort, and kitting-up opportunities will satisfy the most exacting customer.

State order for the Lviv Bus Plant will be increased. By the President of Ukraine V. Y. said during a visit to "LAZ" Ltd in Lviv. "In 60-70% of plant operating on the Ukrainian market. This is not bad. But you have to think about and improve work in this direction. Orders shall not be less than now.", - said the President. "It's important that we have the prospect. We are working hard to raise the level of order to increase the product range. For products to be competitive in price and quality." - V. Y. stressed. He recalled that before the state order for LAZ was about 20%, but in recent years this figure is growing. "We are going in the right direction.", - concluded the President.