Wright Eclipse (3 G.) `2015 - Автобус большого класса (Великобритания)
HW100 - 45000
UAW55 - 105000
RRW100 - 175000
PKRR - 7500

Third generation (2015-2019)
The third generation Eclipse, known as the Eclipse 3, was launched in 2015. The Eclipse 3 was only available on Volvo B8RLE chassis, the successor to the B7RLE. As well as the difference in chassis, the front and rear ends initially underwent a minor facelift, incorporating design features from the Wright StreetLite integral design. The first Eclipse 3s entered service with Trentbarton in November 2015 and the second batch by Stagecoach in the Fens for the Cambridgeshire Busway. The front design was revised further in spring 2017 with the first (and only) 13.2m examples being purchased by East Coast Buses. The first 11.8m variant with the revised bodywork has since entered service with Delaine Buses.

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Третье поколение (2015-2019)
Последнее поколение автобусов Wright Eclipse производилось в 2015-2019 годах на шасси Volvo B8RLE. Таким образом, был пройден фейслифтинг, а дизайн автобуса теперь в стиле Wright StreetLite.

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