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2S31 Vena - Самоходный миномет (СССР)

2S31 Vena

2S31 Vena
Type - Self-propelled mortar
Place of origin - Russia
Service history
In service - 2014-present
Production history
Designer - Motovilikha Plants
Designed - 1980-2007
Manufacturer - Motovilikha Plants
Produced - 1996
Mass - 19.1 tons
Length - 7 m
Width - 3 m
Height - 3 m
Crew - 4
Elevation - -4° to +80°
Traverse - 360°
Rate of fire - 8-10 rounds per minute
Maximum firing range - 7.2-13 km
Main armament - 2A80 120 mm mortar
Secondary armament - 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun
Engine - Diesel UTD-29 (450 hp)
Power/weight - 26 hp per ton
Suspension - Individual torsion bar
Operational range - 600 km
Maximum speed - 70 km/h

The 2S31 Vena (Russian: 2С31 Вена) is a Russian amphibious self-propelled 120 mm mortar system. "2S31" is its GRAU designation.
The 2S31 consists of a 120 mm 2A80 rifled gun-mortar mounted on the chassis of the BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle. It was developed by Joint Stock Venture "Plants of Motovilikha" (Russian: ОАО "Мотовилихинские заводы"). The 2S31's turret is equipped with digital automated fire control system, navigation system, and optical/electronic reconnaissance and target acquisition system. Its 2A80 gun-mortar is capable of launching a high-explosive mortar projectile with a maximum range of 18,000 metres. The vehicle is protected by a welded aluminium hull to protect against small arms fire and shrapnel. It can also fire armour-piercing projectiles that can penetrate up to 650 mm of steel plate at ranges of up to a kilometre. A separate sighting system is used when engaging in direct fire mode.
Current operators

2S9 Nona

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