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BTR-T - Бронетранспортер (СССР)


Type - Heavy infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin - Russia
Production history
Designer - Omsktransmash
Designed - 1977
Manufacturer - Uralvagonzavod
Unit cost - $640,110 (with 30 mm cannon) & $440,180 (without cannon)
Produced - 1980s - Present
Variants - Achzarit (Israel) & BTR-T (Russia)
Mass - 38.5 tonnes
Length - 6.45 m
Width - 3.27 m
Height - 2.4 m
Crew - 2 (+6 passengers)
Armor - 320 mm max with ERA
Main armament - Turret with either 2A42 30 mm autocannon and 9M113 Konkurs ATGMs or 2A42 and AGS-30 or twin 30 mm 2A38M autocannons or 12.7 mm NSV machine gun and AGS-17D grenade launcher
Engine - diesel . 720hp
Power/weight - 18,70hp/tonne
Suspension - torsion bar
Operational range - 500 km
Maximum speed - 50 km/h off-road: 25 km/h

The BTR-T (Russian: Бронетранспортёр-Тяжелый (Bronetransporter-Tyazhelyy), ‘Armoured Transporter-Heavy’) is a Russian heavy infantry combat vehicle, designed by the Design Bureau of Transport Machine-Building (Omsktransmash) state-run production association.
The vehicle is based on the hull of the T-55 tank and answers the need for a heavy, well protected and well armed vehicle adapted to urban combat. The need for a heavy IFV appeared after the First Chechen War during which APCs like the BTR-80 and BMP-2 were annihilated in urban areas at the hands of Chechen rebels using RPG shoulder-launched anti-tank weapons. Consequently, the design incorporates thicker armour, with built-in reactive armour. It also has heavier armament with sufficient elevation to engage targets in multi-story buildings.
The choice of the T-55 hull rather than that of a more modern tank was decided as an efficiency measure and also probably to validate a conversion for the many T-55s in use around the world. It was influenced by Israel's IDF Achzarit that created virtually the same modifications in the 1980s. No export contracts have been signed.
The turret can accommodate several weapon configurations:
2A42 30 mm autocannon.
 - 9M113 Konkurs ATGMs.
2A42 30 mm autocannon.
 - 30 mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher.
Twin 2A38 30 mm autocannons.
12.7×108 mm NSV heavy machine gun.
 - 9M113 Konkurs ATGMs.
12.7×108 mm NSV heavy machine gun.
 - 30 mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher.

IDF Achzarit
BMPT Terminator
VIU-55 Munja
BMPV-64: A Ukrainian heavy infantry combat vehicle based on the T-64 chassis.

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