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Freccia - БМП (Италия)

Freccia IFV
(Freccia (infantry fighting vehicle))

Type - Wheeled infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin - Italy
Service history
In service - 2006-present
Wars - War in Afghanistan
Mass - 28 tonnes (31 short tons; 28 long tons)
Length - 7.6 m (24 ft 11 in)
Width - 2.9 m (9 ft 6 in)
Height - 3.0 m (9 ft 10 in)
Crew - 3 crew (commander, gunner, driver) + 8 passengers
Armor - Welded steel hull with ceramic applications
Main armament - Oerlikon KBA 25x137 mm automatic cannon (200 rounds)
Secondary armament - 7.62 mm co-axial machine gun (4,000 cartridges), optional 7.62 mm anti-air machine gun, 8 smoke generators
Engine - IVECO Diesel 5HP-1500 V6 / 405 kW (560 hp)
Power/weight - 22,2 hp/tonne
Suspension - hydropneumatic
Operational range - 800-1,000 km (500-620 mi)
Maximum speed - 105 km/h (65 mph) / 25-30 km/h (16-19 mph) off road

The Freccia (Italian: Arrow) is an Italian 8x8 wheeled Infantry fighting vehicle in use with the Italian Army. The first batch of 249 vehicles were ordered to replace Cold War VCC-2 armoured personnel carriers of the Mechanized Brigade "Pinerolo" in Southern Italy. The Freccia is built by a consortium combining Iveco (hull, engine, suspension) and Oto Melara (armament).
The Freccia is up-armoured and improved variant of the wheeled Centauro tank destroyer fitted with the Hitfist turret (an evolution of the turret used on the Dardo infantry fighting vehicle), which is armed with an Oerlikon KBA 25 mm autocannon and carries 200 rounds of 25×137 mm ammunition. Two 7.62 mm NATO machine guns are also fitted. Additionally, a pair of Spike MR/LR anti-tank missiles can be fitted on the turret. The Hitfist turret could theoretically also fit cannons and guns of up to 60 mm calibre. Four 80 mm smoke grenade launchers are mounted on each side of the turret. The fire control system is the same as for the Centauro reconnaissance/anti-tank version. The Freccia can carry up to eight combat-ready troops.
In 2006, the Italian government ordered a first batch of 249 Freccia vehicles in the versions: 190 Combat, 36 Combat Anti-tank, 2 Command Post and 21 Mortar Carrier. All of these were delivered by 6 June 2017 and used to equip the Mechanized Brigade "Pinerolo".
In December 2019 a further 81 Freccia were ordered: 5 Combat, 36 Combat Anti-tank, 26 Command Post and 14 Mortar Carrier.
An additional 300 Freccia EVO will be ordered: 180 in various versions to complete the accouterment of the Mechanized Brigade "Aosta", and 120 Freccia EVO Reconnaissance to equip the army's cavalry regiments.

 - Freccia Combat, with a two-man Hitfist turret with KBA 25 mm autocannon
 - Freccia Combat Anti-tank, with a two-man Hitfist turret with KBA 25 mm autocannon and dual Spike LR anti-tank missile launcher
 - Freccia Command Post, in two versions: Freccia Tactical Squad and Freccia Command Squad
 - Freccia Mortar Carrier, with TDA-2R2M 120 mm mortar
Centauro II
In July 2018, the Italian Army signed a €159 million (USD $186 million) contract to acquire 10 Centauro II tank destroyers, the first tranche of a planned 150-vehicle order. The 30-ton Centauro II is based on the Freccia chassis with a two-man turret with a 120 mm gun. Additional improvements include a digital communications system, a 720 hp engine delivering 24 hp/ton, and wheels extending farther out from the hull for greater stability and better protection against mine blasts.
Due to the combination of its eight-wheeled configuration and revised chassis, the Centauro II can withstand the higher recoil of a high-velocity 120 mm cannon, while equivalent vehicles with fewer wheels or weaker chassis are often limited to lower velocity and/or lower-calibre cannons. The gun is also fitted with an efficient muzzle brake.
Freccia EVO
The Freccia EVO is a development of the Centauro II with a remote Hitfist OWS turret with 30 mm autocannon. The army plans to acquire 300 Freccia EVO, 120 of which in the Reconnaissance variant.
 - Freccia EVO Combat, with a remote Hitfist OWS turret with 30 mm autocannon
 - Freccia EVO Reconnaissance, with a remote Hitfist OWS turret with 30 mm autocannon and Janus sensor mast

Current operators

1. Italy Italian Army:
a. Mechanized Brigade "Pinerolo":
 - 9th Infantry Regiment "Bari"
 - 7th Bersaglieri Regiment
 - 82nd Infantry Regiment "Torino"
b. Mechanized Brigade "Aosta"
 - 5th Infantry Regiment "Aosta"
 - 6th Bersaglieri Regiment
 - 62nd Infantry Regiment "Sicilia"
c. Mechanized Brigade "Sassari":
 - 3rd Bersaglieri Regiment
The Freccia EVO Reconnaissance and Centauro II will equip the army's cavalry regiments.

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