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FV106 Samson - БРЭМ (Великобритания)

FV106 Samson

FV106 Samson is a British Army armoured recovery vehicle, one of the CVR(T) family. The main role of this vehicle is to recover the CVR(T) family of vehicles, but can recover other light tracked vehicles such as the FV430 series.

FV106 Samson
Type - Armoured recovery vehicle
Place of origin - United Kingdom
Production history
No. built - 136
Mass - 8.7 tonnes
Length - 5 m (including Vice and bench)
Width - 2.4 m
Height - 2.8 m (Including A-frame)
Crew - Commander, driver and crew
Main armament - 1 x 7.62 mm L7 GPMG
Secondary armament - 8 Smoke dischargers
Engine - Jaguar 4.2 litre petrol
Operational range - 483 km
Maximum speed - 72 km/h

The Samson was conceived in the early 1970s with the final design entering production in 1978. The hull is an all-welded aluminium construction. It usually carries a crew of three operating a (3.5)(T) capstan winch that can also be utilised in a lifting configuration. It carries suitable equipment to enable a 4:1 mechanical advantage with 228 m of winch rope. This winch is capable of recovering up to 12 Tonnes of vehicle. A manually operated earth anchor is situated at the rear to anchor the vehicle while operations are carried out.
The Samson can be fitted with a flotation screen so it can be operated amphibiously using its own tracks at 6.5 km/h or at 9.6 km/h if also fitted with a propeller kit. The Samson can also be fitted with a full NBC protection unit.
A single Samson accompanied the two troops of Blues and Royals CVR(T)s to the Falklands War.
Current operator`S
Brunei Darussalam - 2 vehicles in service
Oman - 3 vehicles in service
Philippines - 6 vehicles in service
Togo - 1 vehicle in service
United Kingdom (In service with the British Army and Royal Air Force)
The REME Museum has an example of a Samson on display in The Prince Philip Vehicle Hall.

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