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Golan Armored Vehicle - Бронеавтомобиль (Израиль)

Golan Armored Vehicle

The Golan Wheeled Armored Vehicle (Hebrew: גולן) is a prototype Israeli MRAP infantry mobility vehicle made by the Israeli Rafael Advanced Defense Systems jointly with Protected Vehicles Incorporated.
The mission of the Golan is to provide maximum protection to its passengers and crew. The Golan platform may be adapted to serve as an armored personnel carrier, command vehicle, ambulance or intelligence collection vehicle. In the personnel carrier role, it has capacity of up to 10 soldiers.
The V shaped hull and vehicle body has been specifically designed to withstand mines and IED blasts. It is configurable to carry different levels of armor, from light passive armor to heavy reactive armor that can deflect RPGs. When equipped with reactive armor, the vehicle is the only MRAP vehicle able to defeat Explosively Formed Penetrators, the deadliest type of IED.
The US Marine Corps has placed an order for 60 vehicles to be fielded in Iraq as Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Category 2 vehicles. It was being considered for large purchases both in the American and Israeli armed forces. The Golan was eliminated from the Marine Corps competition, and most of the vehicles will leave Marine service.

Type - Infantry Mobility Vehicle, MRAP
Place of origin - Israel
Production history
Manufacturer - Rafael Advanced Defense Systems / Protected Vehicles Incorporated
No. built - 64
Mass - 15 tons
Length - 5.9 m
Width - 2.55 m
Height - 2.35 m
Crew - 1+10
Main armament - Remote weapon system
Engine - Cummins Diesel, 315 HP
Transmission - Allison
Suspension - 4x4 wheeled
Operational range - 600 km

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