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Hoveyzeh - Бронеавтомобиль (Иран)

Hoveyzeh (APC)

Type - Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin - Iran
Service history
Used by - Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Production history
Manufacturer - Defense Industries Organization (Iran)
Produced - unveiled in August 2012
Crew - 4 passengers + 1 driver

Hoveyzeh (Persian: نفربر هویزه) is an Iranian ultra-light armored personnel carrier which was unveiled in August 2012. This vehicle has the capability to carry weapons and diverse equipment; and is capable to operate at night by having ability to be used quickly and easily, appropriate speed, effective camouflage and facile-hiding. Among other features of "Hovezyeh armored-vehicle" are: feasibility of easy transportation, possibility of air transportation by plane/helicopter, usability in different missions of the Armed Forces, and so on.
Hoveyzeh armored vehicle has the capability to be utilized at border-checkpoints in order to fight criminals and fight against drug-trafficking as well as other military and law enforcement operations. Hoveyzeh is used in civilian affairs, too; such as being utilized in unforeseen events, etc. According to Tasnim-News: presumably, the Hoveyzeh can carry four passengers as well as the driver, and a periscope has been installed for each passenger in order to allow outside visibility.

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