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Mahindra Armored Light Specialist Vehicle - Бронеавтомобиль (Индия)

Mahindra Armored Light Specialist Vehicle

Mahindra Armoured Light Specialist Vehicle
Type - Military 4x4
Place of origin -  India
Service history
In service - October 2020
Used by - See Operators
Production history
Designer - Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
Manufacturer - Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
Mass - 2,500 kg curb weight
Length - 4.4 m
Width - 1.96 m
Height - 1.98 m
Armor - CEN B7 STANAG Level II
Engine - Steyr 3.2-litre 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine-Turbocharged
215 hp @ 3600 rpm
Payload capacity - 1,000 Kgs
Transmission - 4 Speed Automatic
Suspension - Bilstein Heavy Duty Suspension
Maximum speed - 120 kph
Steering system - Power steering, Front wheel

Mahindra Armored Light Specialist Vehicle (also known as Mahindra ALSV or Mahindra LSV) is a light-weight four-wheel drive air transportable tactical armoured specialist vehicle designed by Mahindra & Mahindra for Indian Army and Indian Special Forces. It's a modular type vehicle built to be maintenance friendly, and can be upgraded and configured for wide range of roles.
The vehicle is a derivative of Mahindra Axe. It is powered by a Steyr 3.2-litre, 6-cylinder turbodiesel engine which provides 215 hp at 3600 rpm with a peak torque of 500Nm.
In March 2021, the company won a contract to supply 1,300 Light Specialist Vehicles (LSV) worth ₹1,056 crore to Indian Army.
The Mahindra ALSV has been designed to comply with the Indian Army's future requirements of a Light Armored tactical vehicle. The ALSV comes in two variants - a 6 seater variant and an 8 seater variant. The ALSV offers ballistic protection up to CEN B7 STANAG Level II, which could stop a range of ammunitions including 7.62×51mm NATO caliber and heavy .50 BMG rounds.
The ALSV offers ballistic protection against IEDs, hand grenades and anti personnel mines is ideally suited for patrolling in high intensity combat zones.
The vehicle has a Steyr 3.2-litre, 6-cylinder multi-fuel turbodiesel engine that develops 215HP at 3,600 rpm and a peak torque of 500Nm, mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. It has a load capacity of 400 kg.

Indian Army - ordered 1300 LSVs to be inducted between 2021-2025
UN Peacekeeping Forces (MONUSCO) - unknown number in active service

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