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Nurol Ejder - Бронеавтомобиль (Турция)

Nurol Ejder

Type - Armoured combat vehicle
Place of origin - Turkey
Service history
Wars - Kurdish-Turkish Conflict
Production history
Manufacturer - Nurol Makina
Produced - Ejder 6x6: 2008 Ejder Yalçın 4x4: 2014
Variants - Armored personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle
Mass - Ejder 6×6: 18 tons, Ejder Yalçın 4×4: 14 tons
Length - Ejder 6×6: 7.05 m, Ejder Yalçın 4×4: 5.4 m
Width - Ejder 6×6: 2.69 m, Ejder Yalçın 4×4: 2.5 m
Height - Ejder 6×6: 2.4 m, Ejder Yalçın 4×4: 2.3 m
Crew - Ejder 6×6: 2+10, Ejder Yalçın 4×4: 2+9
Armor - All welded steel armour up to STANAG-4569 level 4
Main armament - 7.62 mm / 12.7 mm machine gun
Secondary armament - 25 mm autocannon 40 mm automatic grenade launcher
Engine - Ejder 6×6: Cummins 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel, Ejder Yalçın 4×4: Cummins diesel engine (Ejder 6×6: 402 hp, Ejder Yalçın 4×4: 375 hp)
Power/weight - Ejder 6×6: 22.33 hp/tonne
Operational range - 700 km for both versions
Maximum speed - 120 km/h for both versions

The Nurol Ejder (Turkish pronunciation: [nuɾˈoɫ ˈeʒˈdɛɾ]; lit. "Dragon") is a family of armoured vehicles produced by Turkish company Nurol Makina. Two versions exists under the Ejder name, a 6x6 version, and a more popular 4x4 version, called Ejder Yalcin.


Ejder 6×6 Armoured Combat Vehicle
Baseline 6×6 version is fitted with a remotely controlled 7.62 mm caliber machine gun and 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. Supports integration of various weapon systems and armed turrets weighted up to 5 tons. V-shaped hull for improved protection against landmines and IEDs. It can withstand the blast from an 8 kg mine. Protection can be enhanced with modular add-on armor.
A number of these vehicles were sold to Georgia in 2008.
Design studies on the vehicle were initiated in the last quarter of 2012 and a pre-prototype of the base vehicle was exhibited at the IDEF in 2013. Mass production of the vehicle began in May 2014.
It features a V-shaped hull design, integrating floating floor plates and blast mitigation seating to provide protection against mines and IED's. It can accommodate up to 11 personnel and can carry a payload of up to 4 tons.
The vehicle is equipped with optionally integrated, remote-controlled and manually-operated weapon stations. It is fitted with two gun ports on the roof. The optional armament mounted on the vehicle includes 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns, a 25 mm anti-aircraft gun and a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.
Both vehicles can be configured to be used in a variety of roles including:
Personnel carrier
Nuclear, biological and chemical warfare
Fire support
ATGM carrier
Medical evacuation


Ejder 6×6 current operators
 Georgia - 90.
Ejder Yalçın 4×4 current operators
 Hungary - 10-40 more on order. A derivative of this vehicle is planned to be put into production in Hungary known as Gidran (4x4 armored vehicle).
 Senegal - National Gendarmerie: 25 purchased in February 2018, first deliveries expected in March 2018.
 Malaysia - 20 on order.
 Tunisia - 71.
 Turkey - 400.
 Uzbekistan - 1,024 on order.
 Qatar - 342 on order.
Ejder Yalçın 4×4 potential operators
 Morocco - Morocco has expressed interest to purchase the Yalcin.

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