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OFB 105 mm SPG - САУ (Индия)

OFB 105 mm SPG
(OFB 105mm SPG)

OFB 105 mm SPG is an Indian self-propelled tracked artillery. It has been Developed & Manufactured by Ordnance development centre, Ordnance Factory Medak.
The weapon is based on Sarath's (License produced variant of Russian BMP-2) hull mounted with Indian towed 105 mm Light field Gun (LFG). The system can stow 42 rounds of ammunition. The artillery can be used to destroy enemy fortification and also in anti tank role. The Original sights of 105 mm LFG have been retained. A GPS have been provided for navigation. The turret provides level-3 protection for the crew. It was first displayed in February 2010 during DEFEXPO-2010 in New Delhi and it is planned to replace the FV433 Abbot SPG in the Indian army. There is option of composite armour turret to increase protection of crew against 12.7mm weapon. An autoloader along with Fire control system can also be provided to achieve Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact. TALIN 500 Inertial Navigation System can also be installed to navigate in regions where GPS is unavailable due to terrain masking or enemy jamming. ammunition carrying capacity can also be increased to 92 rounds.

Caliber: 105mm
Maximum firing range: 19 km
Rate of fire: 4 Normal, 6 Intense
Weight: 16 tonnes
Range of elevation: -5 to 70 degrees
Traverse: 360 degrees
Number of crew: 5
Time in and out of action: 1 minute
Ammunition: HE, HEAT, HESH, APDS, smoke, colour
Ammunition capacity: 42 rounds
Type of vehicle: Fully tracked, armoured, air portable
Mobility: 65 kmph
Sight: 104A Indirect, 106A Direct

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