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RG-31 Nyala - Бронеавтомобиль (ЮАР)

RG-31 Nyala

RG-31 Mk3A / RG-31 Charger
Type - Infantry mobility vehicle
Place of origin - South Africa
Production history
Designer - BAE Systems Land Systems OMC
Mass - 7.28 t
Length - 6.40 m (21 ft)
Width - 2.47 m (8.1 ft)
Height - 2.63 m (8.63 ft)
Crew - 2+6
Main armament - Varies weapons such as optional 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun by weapons mount
Option 1: Daimler-Benz OM 352A (6-cylinder diesel, 123 hp)
Option 2: Iveco Tector F4AE0681D (diesel)
Option 3: Detroit Diesel
Option 4: Cummins 6.7L QSB (6-cylinder diesel, 275 hp)
Option 5: Weichai WD615
Suspension - 4×4 wheeled
Operational range - 900 km (559 mi)
Maximum speed - 100 km/h (62 mph)

The RG-31 Nyala is a 4×4 multi-purpose mine-resistant ambush protected infantry mobility vehicle manufactured in South Africa by Land Systems OMC (the division of Denel SOC LTD, located in Benoni, South Africa) and in Turkey by FNSS Defence Systems. It is based on the Mamba APC of TFM Industries.
The RG-31 has become the multi-purpose vehicle of choice of the UN and other peacekeeping and security forces. It is finding favour with non-governmental organisations requiring a vehicle with a non-aggressive appearance to protect their personnel against land mines.
The RG-31 is built from a V-shaped all-steel welded armor monocoque hull and high suspension, typical of South African mine protected vehicles, providing excellent small-arms and mine blast protection. The vehicle is designed to resist a blast equivalent to two TM-57 anti-tank mines detonating simultaneously. The RG-31 is classified by the United States Department of Defense as a category 1 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle.
The vehicle accommodates a crew ranging from 5 to 10 depending on mission needs, depending on model. Dismounting is provided via a large air actuated rear door and two front doors, also air actuated.
In July 2016, the Letterkenny Army Depot in Pennsylvania rolled out the latest variant of the RG-31, with improvements including an engine upgrade from 275 to 300 hp, a transmission upgrade, independent suspension, 360-degree spotlights for night visibility, and an armored gunner's hatch. The depot is scheduled to produce 929 improved RG-31s through 2020.
Variants come in either an armoured personnel carrier (APC) or utility vehicle (cargo) configuration.
RG-31 Mk3A - based on Mamba APC.
RG-31 Mk5
RG-31 Mk5E - an extended Mk5 with larger passenger/cargo capacity and superior blast and ballistic protection.
RG-31 Mk6E - enhanced crew protection.
RG-31 Charger - US Army version of the Mk3 with a Detroit Diesel engine and Mk5 with a Cummins engine.
RG-31 Sabre - cargo version.
RG-31M - features a military wiring harness, central tire inflation and several other new characteristics. This vehicle has a crew of 5.
RG-31 Agrab - mortar carrier version with SRAMS (Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System).

1) Burundi Army
12x RG-31 Nyala
1) Canadian Forces
75 RG-31 Mk3 with Protector (RWS) Remote Weapon Station; replaced by Textron Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle
2) London Police Service
1x RG-31 Mk3A, currently used by the Emergency Response Team
3) Durham Regional Police Service
1x RG-31 Mk3A, Tactical Rescue Vehicle donated by General Dynamics to the Tactical Response Unit
1) National Army of Colombia
4× RG-31 Nyala
 Spain: 150× RG-31 Mk5E Nyala with Samson remote Weapon Station (+ option for 30 more) already deployed in Lebanon and Afghanistan
 Mali: 5× RG-31 Nyala
 Nigeria: 1× RG-31 Nyala
 South Africa
 Rwanda: 76× RG-31 Nyala
 Eswatini: 7× RG-31 Nyala Mk5E, currently used by the Umbutfo Eswatini Defence Force (UEDF)
 United Arab Emirates: 76× customized RG-31 Mk5
 United Nations: 30× RG-31 Nyala
 United States:
50× Mk5A1S
2) US Army
148× RG-31 Mk3 Charger
257× Mk5A1
111× Mk5E
12× Mk5A's (MRAP Cat I)
1385× Mk5E's (MRAP Cat II)
4) Academi

Combat history
Afghanistan - Canada, (including 5 leased to Netherlands) (ISAF), United States, Spain
Bosnia and Herzegovina - UNPROFOR
Ethiopia / Eritrea - Canada
Georgia - UN
Iraq - United States
Colombian Armed Conflict
Ivorian Civil War
Ivory Coast - UNOCI
Kosovo - KFOR
Lebanon - UNIFIL
Uganda - Uganda People's Defence Forces
Yemen - United Arab Emirates as part of the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen
Syria - UNDOF, later captured by rebel groups, eventually captured by Syrian Army

Other wheeled APCs and IFVs developed in South Africa
Mamba APC
Ratel IFV

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