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RG-34 - Бронеавтомобиль (ЮАР)


Type - MRAP
Place of origin - South Africa
Production history
Designer - IADSA
Manufacturer - BAE Systems South Africa
Produced - 2009
Mass - 9,500 kg
Length - 5,050 mm
Width - 2350 mm
Height - 2150 mm
Crew - 8
Armor - Welded steel
Main armament - various
Engine - Fuel diesel . 160 kW (215 hp)
Power/weight - 25.1 hp/tonne
Transmission - 5-speed automatic
Fuel capacity - 156 litres
Operational range - 1000 km
Maximum speed - 105 km/h

The RG-34 (formerly denoted as Iguana FV4) is a South African Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP). Specially designed to be mine-resistant, it has been produced in multiple variants, equipped for troop or cargo transport, command, and fire support. Originally showcased with a wide turret ring and a 90 mm rifled cannon, the RG-34 was one of the first MRAPs configured to carry a large gun system.
Development of the Iguana was initiated under contract by Industrial & Automotive South Africa (IADSA) for a Belgian firm, Sabiex; the first prototype being completed in early 2002. By June 2009, BAE Land Systems had obtained necessary rights to develop and manufacture the vehicle. The RG-34 was initially displayed with a potent weapons system for an MRAP, in the form of an overlarge turret fitted with a 90 mm (3.5 in.) gun. This has since been replaced by a more ergonomic tactical remote turret (TRT) boasting a 25 mm M242 autocannon and a co-axial 7.62 mm machine gun.
RG-34's cross-country performance is attributed to its unique suspension, a multi-link hydro-pneumatic structure mounted on a very rigid chassis. This affords optimal performance on road surfaces, a superior turning radius, and clearance over rugged terrain. When deployed in the reconnaissance role long-range fuel tanks give the vehicle an extended operating range of 1,000 kilometres.
The hull of the RG-34 is of welded steel construction. Despite the weight restrictions imposed on wheeled platforms, all-around armour protection is reasonable against 7.62 mm AP rounds at 30 metres, air burst fragments, and anti-tank mines.
TRT 25 mm Model - Current production model armed with a dual feed M242 Bushmaster autocannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun mounted to the right of the main armament. The turret is provided with an advanced laser fire-control system, a colour CCD camera, as well as a thermal night camera for identifying targets at up to 7,600 metres. Total ammunition capacity is 260 rounds of 25 mm and 1,000 rounds of machine gun ammunition.
90 mm Gun Model - Fire-support and anti-tank variant. The 90 mm gun is adapted from the Eland Mk7 and can fire a HEAT charge with a muzzle velocity of 760 m/s, the complete round weighing 7 kg, with an effective range of 1,500 metres. In addition, an HE shell is available, which weighs 8.66 kg complete, has a muzzle velocity of 650 m/s and a maximum range of 1,500 metres. The turret has two circular hatches which open to the rear, eight periscopes, and a prominent commander's cupola.


Current operators
 Nigeria: Manufactured for the Nigerian Armed Forces as the Proforce Pf1. Possibly shelved in favour of the Igirigi.
 United Arab Emirates: Production rights granted.
Failed bids
 Malaysia: One locally developed and manufactured prototype unveiled in 2006 and designated as AV4. At least 200 vehicles were planned to be built under licence, but the procurement program was cancelled.


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