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Teruel - РСЗО (Испания)

Teruel (multiple rocket launcher)
(Teruel MRL)

The Teruel multiple rocket launcher was in service with the Spanish Army between 1985 and 2011. This system is capable of launching 140 mm artillery rockets from 40 launch tubes in less than 30 seconds. It is mounted on a Pegaso truck.
Before firing, stabilizing jacks must be lowered and the blast shield raised to protect the cab and its occupants. Rockets can be fired out to a range of 25 kilometres.


Current operators
 Gabon: 8
Former operators
 Spain: 14

Katyusha, BM-13, BM-8, BM-31 - multiple rocket launchers of World War II
BM-14 - 140mm multiple rocket launcher
BM-21 - 122mm multiple rocket launcher

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