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Tosan - Легкий танк (Иран)

Tosan tank
(Tosan (tank))

Type - Light tank
Place of origin - Iran
Service history
In service - 1997-...
Used by - Iranian Army / IRGCGF
Production history
Produced - 1997
No. built - few
Mass - ~ 8 tonnes
Length - 4.9 m
Width - 2.2 m
Height - 2.1 m
Crew - 3
Armour - 12.7 mm
Main armament - 90 mm gun
Secondary armament - Toophan
Engine - Diesel
Suspension - Torsion bar

The Tosan (also written Towsan, meaning "wild horse" or "fury") is an Iranian light tank, for unconventional warfare. Iran calls it a "Quick Reaction" tank because the tank is said to be capable of rapid response and is built for strategic missions. It appears to be based on the British FV101 Scorpion (where Iran has 80 in service); the tank is fitted with a 90 mm gun, Toophan missile launchers, and improved firing and targeting systems. The tank can drive long distances on its tracks and does not need to be carried on trucks.
Production started in 1997, but the tank was only produced in small numbers. Mass production started in 2008. Colonel Nasser Arab-Beigi, head of the self-sufficiency unit of the IRGC ground forces, announced the mass-production of this 'Quick Reaction' tank on June 30, 2008, as part of the country's campaign for defense self-sufficiency.

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