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Type 99 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer - САУ (Япония)

Type 99 (155 mm self-propelled howitzer)

Type 99 (155 mm self-propelled howitzer)
Type - Self-propelled artillery
Place of origin - Japan
Service history
In service - 1999
Used by - Japan
Production history
Manufacturer - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries/Japan Steel Works
Produced - 1999-2022
No. built - 117
Mass - 40 tons
Width - 3.2 m
Crew - 4
Caliber - 155 millimetres (6.1 in)
Traverse - 360°
Rate of fire - 6 rpm
Armor - aluminum alloy
Main armament - 1x Japan Steel Works, 155 mm/L52 Artillery Gun
Secondary armament - 1x 12.7 mm M-2HB machine gun
Engine - Mitsubishi 6SY31WA 6-cylinder diesel (600 bhp)
Suspension - torsion bar
Operational range - 300 km (185 mi)
Maximum speed - 49.6 km/h

The Type 99 155 mm self-propelled howitzer (99式自走155mm榴弾砲, kyuu-kyuu-shiki-jisou-155mm-ryuudan-hou) is a self-propelled howitzer of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force, which was developed as successor of the Type 75 155 mm Self-propelled howitzer.
The development of Type 99 self-propelled howitzer began in 1985 in order to replace the old Type 75 self-propelled howitzer. The new self-propelled artillery would use a L52 155 mm gun instead of the old L30 155 mm gun and would also mount the latest Fire-control system. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was tasked to design the chassis and the gun would be manufactured by Japan Steel Works.
The designing stage cost 5 billion yen and was completed in 1992. After various technical and practical tests, the first vehicle was delivered to the training division of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force in 1999.
Research and development was started from 1985 as a successor for the older Type 75 self-propelled 155 mm howitzer. Japan Steel Works was the primary contractor, and developed the main gun and the turret.
The Type 99 uses a modified chassis from the Mitsubishi Type 89 IFV, lengthened with an additional road wheel. The Type 99 uses a 52 caliber barrel compared to the 30 caliber barrel on the Type 75 self-propelled howitzer. The secondary armament of the Type 99 consists of a roof-mounted .50 caliber (12.7 mm) machine gun, fitted with a shield. The armor of the Type 99 provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. The vehicle is powered by a diesel engine, providing 600 horsepower. A travel lock for the gun is mounted on the front of the hull, which folds back onto the glacis plate when not in use. The Type 99 self-propelled howitzer is resupplied from the Type 99 ammunition resupply vehicle.

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Fuji School
Fuji School (Combined Training) Brigade
JGSDF Artillery School Unit
Ordnance School
Northern Army
2nd Division
2nd Artillery Regiment (Mechanized)
5th Brigade
5th Artillery Unit
7th Division
7th Artillery Regiment (Mechanized)
11th Brigade
11th Artillery Unit (Mechanized)
Northern Army Combined Brigade
1st Sergeant Training Unit

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