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UniAIMOV - Бронеавтомобиль (Шри-Ланка)


Type - Light armored car
Place of origin - Sri Lanka
Service history
In service - 2020-present
Used by - Sri Lanka Army
Production history
Designer - Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Manufacturer - Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Produced - 2020-present
Suspension - 4x4 wheeled

UniAIMOV also known as just AIMOV is a Light Armored vehicle based on the Land Rover Defender chassis developed and manufactured by the Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
AIMOV is a 4x4 light armored High-Mobility/Forward Command vehicle built on Land Rover chassis with seating for 5 including driver and operator. External racks have been added for 4-8 men to easily hang on to the vehicle during emergency exfiltration. It is protected from land mines and hand grenades. It is equipped with Run-flat tire, greater shielding on vital components such as engines and transmission, design that reduces crew fatigue, day-night cameras that provide 360 degree vision, VHF base station and can launch & operate short ranged drones for aerial surveillance. It is fully air conditioned for crew comfort.
The vehicle was designed mainly for urban warfare, counter-insurgency and special operations. It can also be used as a command center for the ground commander who can maintain real time communications with HQ.
Production history
The UniAIMOV was first unveiled to the public in December 2020 during the opening of the SLEME Base Workshop Homagama.

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