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Unicob - Бронеавтомобиль (Шри-Ланка)


Unicob / UniCOB
Type - Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin - Sri Lanka
Service history
In service - 2021-present
Used by - Sri Lanka Army
Production history
Designer - Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Manufacturer - Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Unit cost - LKR 10 000 000
Produced - 2021-present
Mass - 13 t
Length - 5760 mm
Width - 2290 mm
Height - 3250 mm
Crew - 9 (Driver, Gunner, Commander + 6 Passengers)
Main armament - 12.7 mm W85 machine gun
Engine - 697 NA water-cooled direct injection diesel engine (130 hp)
Maximum speed - 72 kmph in paved road

UniCOB simply written as Unicob is a Sri Lankan 4x4 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Infantry mobility vehicle produced by the Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
Unicob began manufacturing in 2021 and was first publicly unveiled in February 2022 during Independence Day celebrations.
Initially, it is planned to produce ten units. But a demand for around fifty vehicles is expected.
The Unicob is a 4x4 vehicle with a capacity for 9 including driver, gunner and commander designed to withstand mines and small arms fire. Units are equipped with an all direction surveillance system and field to command real-time communication and monitoring capability as well as a fully air conditioned crew cabin. As it is designed to make use of locally available spare parts, it has much lower production and maintenance costs compared to imported equivalents.
It is armed with a turret for a 12.7 mm machine gun. The vehicle is capable of handling disaster relief and MEDEVAC operations.

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