Paalson (Paalson Flygplan)
Paalson Type 1
Paalson Type 2

Päätalo (Raimo Päätalo)
Päätalo Tiira

PAC (Pacific Airmotive Corp. (John W. Myers) - Burbank . CA . USA)
PAC Nomad
PAC Super 18S Tradewind

PAC (Pacific Aerospace Corporation) {ErZ}
PAC Cresco
PAC Fletcher
Pacific Aerospace Airtrainer

Hongdu JL-8
JF-17 Thunder
MFI-17 Mushshak
MFI-395 Super Mushshak

PacAero (PacAero Engineering Coroporation) {ErZ}
Learstar Mark I
Learstar Mark II

PACE (Pacific Aerospace Engineering Corporation)
PACE Gannet

Pacer (Pacer Aircraft Co. - Perth Amboy . NJ . USA / 1928: New Pacer Aircraft Corp. - (Main & Grant) Fords . NJ . USA)
Pacer 1929 Monoplane (New Pacer 1929 Monoplane)
Pacer Special (New Pacer Special)

Pacific (Pacific Aeronautical Industries - [ Broderick St.] [ Bush St.] San Francisco . CA . USA)
Pacific A

Pacific (Pacific Airplane & Supply Co. - Venice . CA . USA)
Pacific Hawk (1921 . 6-seater . biplane . twin engine)
Pacific-Standard C-1 (Rogers C-1)

Pack (Garland Pack - Nashville . TN . USA / Pack & Associates)
Pack A
Pack B
Pack C
Pack D
Pack E

Packard-LePere (Packard Motor Car Co. - Detroit . MI . USA) {ErZ}
Packard A
Packard-LePere LUSAC-11
Packard-LePere LUSAC-12
Packard-LePere LUSAC-21
Packard-LePere LUSAC-25
Packard-LePere LUSAGH-11
Packard-LePere LUSAGH-21
Packard-LePere LUSAO-11

Packard (Packard Aircraft Co. - Enid . OK . USA)
Packard 1929 Aeroplane

PADC (Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation)
PADC Defiant 300
PADC Hummingbird

PAF (Philippines Air Force Research and Development Centre - PAFRDC)
PAF Cali
PAF Kalabaw
PAF Limbas
PAF XT-001 Marko 1
PAF XT-004 Layang

Pagé-Light (Victor W. Pagé & Oliver Light - Farmingdale . NY . USA)
Pagé-Light 1909 Biplane

Pagotto Carpenterie (Pagotto Carpenterie SRL - Pianzano, Italy)
Pagotto Brako
Pagotto Brakogyro
Pagotto NAKEd

Paine (Sim Paine - Booker . TX . USA)
Paine Texan

PAL-V (PAL-V International BV) {ErZ}
PAL-V Liberty

Paladin Industries (Pennsauken . NJ . USA)
Paladin Golden Eagle
Paladin Hercules
Paladin Sparrow

Pallavicino (Cesare Pallavicino)
Pallavicino PS-1

Palmer (Harry A. Palmer Motor Co. - Boston . MA . USA)
Palmer 1931 Monoplane

Palmer (Pan-American Corp (founder - Joe Palmer) - San Antonio . TX . USA)
Palmer 1929 Aeroplane
Palmer P-3

Palmgren (David Palmgren - Wilmington . NC . USA)
Palmgren 1910 Aeroplane

Palomino (Palomino Aircraft Associates - [San Antonio Ave.] San Antonio . TX . USA)
Palomino 1962 Monoplane
Palomino 1965 Monoplane

PAM (Performance Aviation Manufacturing Group)
PAM 100B Individual Lifting Vehicle
PAM 100T
PAM 200

Panavia (Panavia Aircraft GmbH.) {ErZ}
Panavia Tornado

Panchenko (A. N. Panchenko)
Panchenko ADP-01
Panchenko ADP-02
Panchenko ADP-03
Panchenko ADP-04 Ekranoplan
Panchenko ADP-06
Panchenko K-1
Panchenko K-3
Panchenko Orpheus 1
Panchenko Orpheus 2
Panchenko Orpheus 3

Pancoast (Lewis M. Pancoast)
Pancoast Pelican

Pander (Pander & Son) (Nederlandse Fabriek van Vliegtuigen H. Pander & Zonen - Dutch Aircraft Factory H. Pander & Son) {ErZ}
Pander D
Pander E
Pander EG-100
Pander Gipsy
Pander Multipro (1932)
Pander P.1 Gypsy Pander
Pander P.2 Gypsy Pander
Pander P.3
Pander PH.1 Zögling (1930)
Pander PH.2 Mayer
Pander S.4 Postjäger
Pander Supersport

Panha 2091
Panha Shabaviz 2-75
Panha Shabviz 2061
Panha Shahed 278

Panzl (Bruce H. Panzl & Chris J. Panzl - Livonia . MI . USA)
Panzl PAN

Papin-Rouilly (A. Papin and D. Rouilly)
Papin-Rouilly Gyroptère

Papoose (Rim Kaminskas)
Papoose RK-1 Jungmeister I

PAR (Parks Alumni Racer Consortium, Ferguson, MO)
PAR Special

Paraavis (Moscow, Russia)
Paraavis Mirage
Paraavis Pegasus
Paraavis Sova
Paraavis Vityaz

Paraborne (Kissimmee . FL . USA)
Paraborne Aviation Buckshot
Paraborne Backplane
Paraborne DK Whisper

Paradelta Parma (Paradelta Parma SRL - Parma, Italy)
Paradelta Bamboo
Paradelta Basic
Paradelta Bat Bitch
Paradelta Ben Hur
Paradelta BiBreak
Paradelta Big Bang
Paradelta Billiard
Paradelta Bingo
Paradelta Blaster
Paradelta Blazer
Paradelta Bomber
Paradelta Bora
Paradelta Break
Paradelta Breathless
Paradelta Breeze
Paradelta Breeze Biposto
Paradelta Brio
Paradelta Broken Wind
Paradelta Bull Ball
Paradelta Super Breeze

Paradise (Paradise Indústria Aeronáutica - Feira de Santana, Brazil) {ErZ}
Paradise Eagle
Paradise P-1 LSA
Paradise P-2
Paradise P-4

Paramania (Paramania LLC - London, United Kingdom)
Paramania Action
Paramania GTS
Paramania GTX
Paramania Reflex
Paramania Revo
Paramania Rokit
Paramania Vortex

Paramotor (Oyster Bay . NY . USA)
Paramotor Inc FX1
Paramotor Inc FX2
Paramotor Inc FX3
Paramotor Inc FX4
Paramotor Inc FX5

Paramotor Napedy Paralotniowe (Warsaw, Poland)
Paramotor Mosquito

Paramotor Performance (Bandhagen, Sweden)
Paramotor Performance M3

Paramount {ErZ}

Paramount (Paramount Aircraft Corp. - Saginaw . MI . USA) {ErZ}
Paramount Cabinaire 110
Paramount Cabinaire 165
Paramount Cabinaire A-70
Paramount Model 120 Sportster

Parapower (Pilchowo, Poland)
Parapower Parapower

Parascender (Parascender Technologies Inc. - Kissimmee . FL . USA)
Parascender I
Parascender II
Parascender Para-Ag (Schwanewede, Germany) Action GT Fun Ozone Viper

Paratech (Paratech AG - Appenzell, Switzerland)
Paratech P Bi4
Paratech P Bi6
Paratech P12
Paratech P22
Paratech P22
Paratech P25
Paratech P26
Paratech P28
Paratech P43
Paratech P45
Paratech P50
Paratech P70
Paratech P81

Paratour (Saint-Chrysostome, Quebec, Canada)
Paratour Green Eagle
Paratour SD
Paratour SD MiniMax
Paratour Titanium
Paratour Ultratrike

Paratrek (Auburn . CA . USA)
Paratrek Angel 1
Paratrek Angel 2-B
Paratrek Angel 3
Paratrek Angel 4

Parazoom (Rheine, Germany)
Parazoom Trio-Star Delta

Parisano (Parisano Aerial Navigation Co. - [3.2.0. West 42 St.] New York . NY . USA)
Parisano Paraplane

Parker (Wilford Parker . Utah Aviation Co. (Utah Aviation Assn) - Grantsville . UT . USA)
Parker 1911 Biplane

Parker (William D. "Billy" Parker - Ft. Collins . CO . USA / San Diego . CA . USA)
Parker Pusher

Parker (Fred Parker Aircraft Co. - Perry . IA . USA)
Parker 1921 Biplane

Parker (Willard Parker Aircraft Corp. - Cleveland . OH . USA)
Parker Pal

Parker (Calvin Y. "Cal" Parker - Chicago . IL . USA)
Parker Double Teenie
Parker Jeanie's Teenie
Parker Teenie Two
Parker Tin Wind

Parks (Oliver L. Parks Aircraft Div. . Parks Air Lines Inc. / Parks Air College - (East) St. Louis . IL . USA) {ErZ}
Parks P-1
Parks P-1H
Parks P-1T
Parks P-1X
Parks P-2
Parks P-2A
Parks P-3 Arrow
Parks P-4

Parks (Robert Parks - Greenville . SC . USA)
Robert Parks P-1
Robert Parks P-2
Robert Parks P-3

Parmelee (Philip O. Parmelee - Matherson . MI . USA)
Parmelee 1912 Biplane

Parmentier Wee Mite

Parnall {ErZ}
Parnall 281 Hobo
Parnall 302
Parnall 311
Parnall 381
Parnall 382
Parnall Elf
Parnall G.4/31
Parnall Heck
Parnall Imp
Parnall Panther
Parnall Parasol
Parnall Perch
Parnall Perch
Parnall Peto
Parnall Pike
Parnall Pipit
Parnall Pixie
Parnall Plover
Parnall Possum
Parnall Prawn
Parnall Puffin
Parnall Scout

Parquet (Parquet)
Parquet 1

Parrish (Parrish Aircraft Xperimental - Plantation . FL . USA)
Parrish Dart

Parseval (August von Parseval / LFG)

Parso (Harry Parso - San Jose . CA . USA)
Cardoza-Parso PC-1
Parso Solo Sport

Parsons-Jocelyn (Rodney Jocelyn & Lindsey Parsons - Ambler . PA . USA)
Parsons-Jocelyn D-295
Parsons-Jocelyn PJ-260

Partenair {ErZ}
Partenair Mystere

Partenavia {ErZ}
Partenavia AP.68TP-300 Spartacus
Partenavia AP.68TP-600 Viator
Partenavia P.48 Astore
Partenavia P.52 Tigrotto
Partenavia P.53 Aeroscooter
Partenavia P.55 Tornado
Partenavia P.57 Fachiro
Partenavia P.59 Jolly
Partenavia P.64 Oscar
Partenavia P.66
Partenavia P.68
Partenavia P.70 Alpha
Partenavia P.78
Partenavia P.86 Mosquito

Partridge-Keller (Elmer Partridge - Henry S. "Pop" Keller . P&K Flying School - Cicero . IL . USA)
Partridge-Keller Bi-Plane
Partridge-Keller Tractor Trainer

PAS (Pennsylvania Aircraft Syndicate Ltd. (E. Burke WIlford) - Philadelphia . PA . USA)

Paschke (Paul & Ted Paschke - Hancock . MN . USA)
Paschke 1928 Monoplane

Pashinin I-21
Pashinin S-82

Pasotti {ErZ}
Pasotti Aviojeep JP.1
Pasotti F.6 Airone
Pasotti F.9 Sparviero

Pasped (Pasped Aircraft Co. (founders - Fred Pastorius . Stanley Pederson) - Glendale . CA . USA / 1941: Acquired by Skylark Mfg. Co. - Venice . CA . USA) {ErZ}
Pasped W-1 Skylark

PAT (Piper Advanced Technology Inc. (founder - Howard "Pug" Piper - son of William T. Piper Sr.) - Wichita . KS . USA)
PAT-1 Pugmobile

Patchen (Marvin Patchen - Ramona . CA . USA) {ErZ}
Patchen Explorer

Patterson-Francis (Charles Patterson & Roy N. Francis Aviation Co. - San Francisco . CA . USA)
Patterson-Francis Flying Boat
Patterson-Francis Twin-Tractor

Pattist (M. P. Pattist & Laurens Walraven)
Pattist-Walraven PW-1

Paul (Luther W. Paul - Davis . NC . USA)
Paul 1907 Helicopter

Paul Schmitt (Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques et Aéronautiques Paul Schmitt) {ErZ}
Paul Schmitt 1910 (biplane) (No.1)
Paul Schmitt 1910 (modified biplane) (No.2?)
Paul Schmitt No.2
Paul Schmitt No.3
Paul Schmitt No.4
Paul Schmitt No.5
Paul Schmitt No.6
Paul Schmitt No.7
Paul Schmitt C2
Paul Schmitt SBR (Schmitt Bomber Renault . PS.4)
Paul Schmitt Type 1
Paul Schmitt Type 2
Paul Schmitt Type 3 (No.9)
Paul Schmitt Type 3 (floatplane) (PS.3 on floats)
Paul Schmitt Type 4
Paul Schmitt Type 5
Paul Schmitt Type 6
Paul Schmitt Type 7 Aerobus
Paul Schmitt Type 7(4)
Paul Schmitt Type 8
Paul Schmitt Type 9
Paul Schmitt Type 10
Paul Schmitt Type 10 (floatplane)
Paul Schmitt Type 11
Paul Schmitt Type 12
Paul Schmitt Type 13

Paulhan {ErZ}

Paulhan & Tatin {ErZ}

Paulic (Rudy & Louis Paulic - Burbank . CA . USA / Gardena . CA . USA / Oakland . CA . USA) {ErZ}
Paulic T4
Paulic T5
Paulic XT3-B


Paulson (Albert Paulson - Northwood . ND . USA)
Paulson Aeronef (Paulson Gold Bug)

Paumier (Maurice Paumier)
Paumier MP.1
Paumier MP.2 Baladin

Paup P-Craft

Pause (Flugzeugbau Rudolf Pause)
Pause Mücke

Pawnee (McCook . NE . USA)
Pawnee Chief
Pawnee Warrior

Paxman's Northern Aircraft (Glenwood, Alberta, Canada)
Paxman Viper

Payen (Nicolas Roland Payen) {ErZ}
Payen AP-10
Payen AP-12
Payen Pa 22
Payen Pa 47 Plein Air
Payen Pa 49 Katy
Payen Pa 60
Payen Pa 61 B Arbalète I
Payen Pa 61F Arbalète II
Payen Pa 61G
Payen Pa 61H
Payen Pa 71
Payen Pa 100
Payen Pa 101
Payen Pa 120
Payen Pa 149
Payen Pa 610

Payne (Vernon W. Payne - Chicago . IL . USA / 1938: Payne Aircraft Corp. - Joliet and Cicero . IL . USA) {ErZ}
Knight Twister
Payne MC-7 Pusher

Pazmany (Ladislao Pazmany Aircraft Corporation - San Diego . CA . USA) {ErZ}
Pazmany PL-1 Laminar
Pazmany PL-2
Pazmany PL-4
Pazmany PL-9 Stork